Advertising and Policies


The Synergist is mailed monthly to all AIHA members, a group of more than 8,500 decision makers in industrial hygiene, occupational and environmental health and safety, and related fields. For information about advertising in The Synergist, including ad specs and deadlines, visit M​CI Group​.

Publication Policies

Industrial hygiene professionals possess a wealth of knowledge on occupational and environmental health and safety issues. The Synergist encourages AIHA members to submit ideas for articles, contribute copy and offer their services as story sources.
If you are interviewed for a Synergist article, please note that it’s the policy of The Synergist not to submit copy to interviewees for review prior to publication. If contributing writers’ articles are edited substantially, an edited version will be sent to them to check technical accuracy.
Technical articles beyond the abilities of editorial staff to evaluate are reviewed for technical accuracy by industrial hygienists on AIHA’s staff. If the article is not within their areas of competency, a member of the Synergist Editorial Advisory Board or a professional recommended by the board will review articles. The members of the Editorial Advisory Board are listed in the masthead of each month’s Synergist.