The Synergist Newswire

Published on Tuesdays, The Synergist Newswire primarily serves as a conduit to coverage of OEHS-related topics by media organizations. Past issues of Newswire have directed readers to articles at Bloomberg BNA about OSHA’s regulatory agenda; at Reuters about the link between indoor lifeguard work and high rates of respiratory problems; at NPR about the media organization's investigation into advanced black lung disease affecting coal miners in Appalachia; and at The Guardian about the causes of the 2015 warehouse explosions in Tianjin, China, that killed 173 people and injured hundreds of others. Links to relevant blog posts and other nontraditional media are also included. Readers of Newswire learn how the larger world views issues of interest to the OEHS professions.

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View a sample issue of The Synergist Newswire.

New: The Newswire newsfeed, which complements The Synergist Newswire, is a resource that readers can check throughout the week to keep up with what media organizations are saying about IH- and OHS-related topics. View the newsfeed below or on its home page.


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