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What ​is ​AIHA Network?

​AIHA Network is an online television network focusing on current and relevant news, commentaries, and spotlights on AIHA and IH/OH hot topics in the industry.​​​​​​​​

Past Featured Videos

  • SKC Meth Residue Test Kits 
    SKC Inc. presents this "Kwik-Klip" video as a training aid for SKC customers. The video features the SKC MethChek Immunoassay Wipe Kit, an on-the-spot detector of methamphetamine residue on surfaces.​​
  • ​Galson Laboratories Client Testimonial Compilation 
    Galson Laboratories presents this compilation video in which clients discuss whether they would recommend Galson, what separates Galson from their competitors, and what they like best about doing business with Galson.​​
  • Laboratory Services, Products, and Training at EMSL Analytical, Inc.
    EMSL Analytical presents this video that summarizes the laboratory testing, training, and sampling supplies and equipment that the company has to offer to indoor air quality professionals.​​​​
  • ChemSW: How to Track Chemical Inventory Expiration Dates in Real-Time
    ChemSW, Inc. offers this video that explains how tracking chemical inventory expiration dates in real-time can increase efficiency and lower costs.​​
  • SKC Sampler for Viable Aerosols
    SKC Inc. offers this video about the SKC BioStage single-stage viable cascade impactor, which meets NIOSH methods 0800 and 0801 and ACGIH recommendations for sampling indoor and outdoor air for viable microorganisms.
  • Supelco ASSET™ Air Sampler for Isocyanates
    Sigma Aldrich Supelco discusses the ASSET EZ4-NCO dry sampler for collection and measurement of vapor phase and particulate isocyanate monomers.
  • Industrial Scientific: DualSense Technology
    Industrial Scientific discusses its DualSense technology and the importance of redundancy in gas detection.​
  • SKC ULTRA III Passive Samplers
    SKC Inc. discusses how to use ULTRA III Passive Samplers to sample VOCs, SVOCs, and more in ambient and indoor air.
  • SKC Sampler for Viable Aerosols
    SKC Inc., offers this video about the SKC BioStage single-stage viable cascade impactor, which meets NIOSH methods 0800 and 0801 and ACGIH recommendations for sampling indoor and outdoor air for viable microorganisms.
  • Galson Laboratory: Industrial Hygiene Lab
    Galson Laboratory discusses the importance of collecting accurate, complete data for air quality in the workplace. Galson is one of AIHA's valued Partners of the Profession.
  • SKC Basic Air Sampling
    This video from SKC Inc. discusses the relevance of air sampling, how to take an air sample, what type of equipment is used in air sampling, and the different types of sampling methods.
  • 2010 Guidelines for CPR
    This video explains the changes in the new 2010 Guidelines for CPR released on October 18. We're making CPR even easier so more people will perform it and more lives will be saved.
  • Foundations of Industrial Scientific
    Watch this video to learn more about Industrial Scientific and their mission to eliminate death in the workplace.  AIHA is proud to have Industrial Scientific as one of their Partners of the Profession.

Other AIHA Videos

  • Chris Lorenzo on the 75th Anniversary of AIHA and AIHce
    AIHA® President Elect and AIHce 2014 Co-chair Chris Lorenzo discusses why she's looking forward to celebrating the 75th anniversary of AIHA and AIHce in San Antonio, Texas, May 31–June 5, 2014.
  • How to Access Your AIHA Educational Transcript
    Learn how to access your AIHA educational transcripts.
  • Student Interview of AIHA President Mike Brandt
    Mike Baquiran was equipped with a Flip camera at AIHce 2010 to give us the "student’s eye" He ran into AIHA President Mike Brandt and asked a couple of questions.
  • Synergist Web Exclusive, December 2009
    Ohio University Professor Tim Ryan, PhD, CIH, CSP, discusses industrial hygiene sampling methods for gases and vapors. An article in the December 2009 Synergist describes Ryan’s use of mobile learning and Web 2.0 formats in his introductory industrial hygiene course.
  • An AIHA IH Video
    Learn what industrial hygiene is, as well as the role of an Industrial Hygienist.
  • Why Do You Attend AIHce?
    On location at AIHce 2009 in Toronto, ON Canada, AIHA asks attendees why do they attend AIHce.
  • Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee Symposium Trailer
    View the trailer of a video that will be shown at the Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee Symposium at PCIH 2009. During this symposium, participants will learn how to apply these practical tools and strategies through a series of real-life exposure scenario workshops. These workshops will utilize videos, basic characterization information, determinants of exposure, and sampling data for inhalation, dermal, and noise exposures. Participants will learn to make sound qualitative and quantitative exposure judgments, gain a better understanding of how they can apply new skills within their organization, and get direct feedback from seasoned experts. The capstone of the symposium will be a facilitated discussion summarizing lessons learned and identifying new opportunities for exposure assessment methodologies in the future.
  • Why Do You Volunteer?
    On location in Toronto for AIHce 2009, AIHA asks attendees why they volunteer. Listen to what they have to say!
  • John Volckens and the AIHA Anti-trust Statement
    John Volckens of the Aerosol Technology Committee sings the AIHA Anti-trust statement.
  • AIHce 2009 Student Poster Award Winner
    Donna Vosburgh wins a best student poster award at AIHce 2009 with her poster titled: Exposure Assessment of Fume Released During Sealing of Polyterafluorethylene Fabric.
  • Evaluation of the Sublimation & Vaporization Properties of Methamphetamine
    Evaluation of the Sublimation & Vaporization Properties of Methamphetamine Student Poster.
  • Kenneth Dillon Memorial Award 2009 Winner
    The Ken Dillon Award is presented annually by AIHA's Biosafety and Environmental Microbiology Committee in honor and memory of Dr. Ken Dillon, a former member of the committee, an AIHA fellow, and the principal instructor for several years of the top ten PDC "Prevention, Determination, and Remediation of Biological Contamination in Indoor Environments." The award is made to the best student poster presented at AIHce on a topic germane to the areas of Biosafety and Environmental Microbiology.
  • The First Social Responsibility Award from AIHA and Bureau Veritas
    AIHA and Bureau Veritas teamed up to sponsor an award honoring individuals and organizations that have demonstrated ethical behavior in dealing with social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. The first Social Responsibility Award was presented today to K.P. Nyati at AIHce in Toronto. Nyati is President of Sustainable Solutions India, a not for profit, non-governmental organization based in Delhi, India.