Hazardous Materials (Asbestos, Lead, Petroleum Products, etc.)

Hazardous materials and conditions may be present as a result of damaged building materials containing lead or asbestos as well as sewage-contaminated items, or hazardous materials such as chemicals or cleaning products. In many cases, these building materials are damaged and dislodged during a natural disaster, resulting in the potential for airborne exposure to fibers and particles. Homeowners should be aware of this potential, and they should take extra precautions when encountering these materials. 

In addition, the release of petroleum products, such as heating oil and gasoline stored in the garage or in a vehicle, into a home or other building can lead to airborne contamination as well as contamination of the building materials, soil, and groundwater.

For homeowners, here are some useful resources to recognize and address these kinds of hazards:

Technical resources for the IH include: