Auditing Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Body of Knowledge (BoK)

Auditing Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems BoKThis framework of knowledge outlines what you need to possess and demonstrate a business case for interventions to reduce or eliminate adverse exposures. 

Develop education programs and skill assessment tools to aid in promoting interventions and improve your overall professional knowledge in industrial hygiene. 

This BoK has been developed to assist organizations in assessing the competence of individuals as auditors in relation to the objectives that have been set for their internal audit programs. It sets out generic auditor competence criteria that will need to be supplemented by criteria specific to the organization and its technical sector.

This BoK document will be used by AIHA to establish a framework for training programs and competency assessment tools for OHS management system auditors. It’s not intended to define or stipulate employer hiring criteria. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that each employee understands his or her specific job and has met the minimum criteria established by relevant regulations, standards, and the specific industry, facility, or project.

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